iPhone screen lifting after replacement

Another common issue most people face are screens lifting once they have been replaced on all iphone models.    Now the first thing to assume and question is the quality of the replacement screen, which could be the case however on most situations it’s not.  Listed below are the common causes

  • Slight bend in the frame that is not visually seen – if the frame has a slight curve or bend then there is constant stress in the screen.  This is very common in the iphone 6 onwards models and can be profound around the the volume button area
  • Screen not put in correctly – generally this is rare and it will be more than a small gap
  • Factory production fault – sometimes and once again very rare the glue might not have been set correctly during production of the replacement screen.  Generally nowadays it is not too common to see but still could be a cause

The fix:

As stated above in most cases the cause is a slight undulation of the rear frame.  To fix this the bend can not generally be readjusted and the rear casing needs to be replaced.  Remember we are talking millimetres here so it makes it hard to adjust where simply replacing the rear case is a lot more time and cost efficient.

For those not wanting to splurge on a new rear case we can assist with putting extra adhesive around the frame of the screen which gives it that little bit of extra strength.

If you are having similar issues and still are unsure feel free to contact us anytime or arrange a technician to come out Brisbane wide.


iphone screen replacement lifting

iphone screen replacement lifting

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