iPhone Battery Jumps in % & Randomly turns off

faulty iphone battery replacement


A very common problem is battery faults when it comes to all iphone models.  Simply listed below are common indicators that could attribute a faulty or bunk battery.  Please note whats listed below can also be indicators of other problems but most of the time is just the battery.

  1. Phone randomly turning off

So you will see your battery percentage at say 50% or xx% and suddenly it turns off or resets itself.  Generally the only fix is replacing the battery as this should never occur.

2. Battery percentage jumps around

Another common issue is seeing the battery percentage jump up and down eg. from 80% to 30% within minutes – once again its not a normal thing for a device to do this and all batteries should consistently drain to 0%

There can be other indicators but the above is the 2 main issues most users find.   Remember batteries aren’t designed to last forever and it varies on how much you use your phone and what apps are installed.  I personally consider a good run of a battery lasting more than 1.5 years for me.

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